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Heermance Farms

At Heermance Farm, we strive to make every decision with the future integrity of our food system in mind. Our farm is located in the village of Tivoli, New York and has been farmed since the 1700's. After years of fallow fields, we are planting four acres of diversified vegetables and caring for bee hives, laying hens and heritage pigs. The vegetables are the most delicious and unusual varieties we can find. Synthetic fertilizers or herbicides are never used and we grow every plant with care and attention.Our animals also contribute to the longstanding fertility of our soil. The animals eat grean grown without GMOs and graze on new grass constantly. Fresh pasture makes our eggs and pork taste great while giving the animals high quality of life. Every day, through our hard work and dedication to the land, we create the sense of community that can only come from food.